Best Butterfly Toilet Seat to Consider in 2023

Do you like butterflies?

What do you think of when someone says “butterfly?” What colors come to mind? For me, I think of bright colors that just make life feel happier. And now my thoughts have been brought back to butterflies.

Well, if you like butterflies, this blog post is for you! 

If not, then too bad because I’m about to talk about it anyway. The best butterfly toilet seat review is here and we will be taking a look at the top 5 best rated items on the market. 

So let’s get started with our list of winners!

5 Best Butterfly Toilet Seat Review

1. Sanilo Elongated Butterfly Toilet Seat

best butterfly toilet seat

Sanilo Elongated Butterfly Toilet Seat is the best solution for your toilet seat needs. This toilet seat comes with a slow close feature, which allows you to get off of the seat without worrying that it will slam down on you. 

The easy-to-clean surface of this toilet seat makes cleaning up after using the bathroom quick and simple. This Sanilo elongated butterfly toilet seat fits all manufacturers’ elongated bowls (adjustable from 16.9 to 18.7 inches in length).


2. Elongated Butterfly Printing Toilet Seat

Elongated Butterfly Printing Toilet Seat Review

This elongated butterfly printing toilet seat is made of MDF material, which is strong and durable. The pattern on the toilet seat is printed with high-temperature ink, which is safe for you to use. The hinge of this toilet seat has a slow close function, which ensures that the toilet seat will be quietly closed every time and will not be hit.

Ideal if you don’t want to disturb people late at night. The hinge is easy to remove and install, easy to clean. It can also match most standard elongated toilets in the market.


3. WGI Gallery TS-R-BSB Black Swallowtail Butterfly Oak Toilet Seat

Butterfly Oak Toilet Seat Review

The WGI Gallery TS-R-BSB is a round toilet seat that features a butterfly style, making it ideal for bathrooms with limited space. This model comes in an oak finish and has been tested to withstand industry durability standards. It ships fully assembled, so you can install it right out of the box with no hassle or extra tools required!


4. Butterfly Clear Resin Toilet Seat

Butterfly Clear Resin Toilet Seat Review

This butterfly clear resin toilet seat is made of high-quality resin and chrome hinges. It has a standard size round, and the top diameter of the seat is 14.5″ inches. The length of the seat from front to back is 16″. This toilet seat features an easy-to-clean surface that resists stains, odors, and mold for a clean, hygienic experience every time you use it.


5. Bath Décor Butterfly Design Toilet Seat

Bath Décor Butterfly Design Toilet Seat Review

The Bath Décor Butterfly design toilet seat is a great addition to your bathroom. The soft close hinges and easy clean surface will ensure you have a pleasant experience every time you use the toilet. The butterfly design adds an elegant touch to any bathroom decor.


Things to Consider Before Buying Butterfly Toilet Seat

  1. What is the size of your toilet bowl and lid
  2. What is the material of the toilet seat
  3. How much weight do you weigh
  4. Does the butterfly design work with how you use your bathroom  e.g., have a raised seat or need to sit down to pee
  5. Do you have young children who may be curious about what a butterfly looks like on their parents’ potty? 
  6. Would it be difficult for an elderly person to get up from a low-to-the-ground seat, or would they have trouble maneuvering around this type of seat because it’s so high off the ground?


We hope you enjoyed this article on the best butterfly toilet seats. If so, please share it with your friends and family! Comment below to let us know what some of your favorite features were or if there are any products that we missed in our list.

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