10 Best Portable Toilet for Tailgating in 2023

When you are planning to head out tailgating, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need. For most people this means having a cooler full of beer and food, but what about if you need to take your portable toilet with you?

This can be a difficult task to accomplish. You might not want to take your porta potty with you if you don’t have to, especially when you’re planning on a long day of tailgating and you’re not sure how long the event will last.

This is where we can help. In this article, we will show you the best portable toilet for tailgating that will allow you to enjoy your favorite tailgating foods and drinks without worry.

10 Best Portable Toilet for Tailgating

#ImageProduct NameOur Rating Price
1.Tailgate Toilet, Portable Travel Potty with pop up Privacy Tent shelter5 Price
2.Jansat Portable Toilet Camping Toilet4.8 Price
3.FQFMO Portable Folding Toilet Camping Toilet4.8 Price
4.Container Distributing Emergency Bucket Toilet Seat4.8 Price
5.Camco Toilet Seat with Lid with Leak Proof Waste Bags4.6 Price
6.Portable Toilet Bucket Toilet Seat Set for Tailgating4.6 Price
7.TRIPTIPS Portable Folding Toilet Car Commode4.5 Price
8.Kunida Designs Portable Camping Toilet Chair 4.5 Price
9.Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet (5 Gallon Standard)4.5 Price
10.Camco 41549 Portable 5-Gallon Toilet Bucket with Seat and Lid Attachment4 Price

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Portable Toilet for Tailgating


The first thing to think about when deciding whether or not to buy a portable toilet for tailgating is the price. The cheapest portable toilets on the market today are usually $40 or more.

If you plan on purchasing one of these units then you will want to know how many people will use it before you buy it. Portable toilets that are made specifically for tailgating are usually more expensive than those that are made for regular use.

The price of the unit should also factor in any additional accessories that you might need, such as a lockable door and an extra tank.

Ease of use:

There are many types of portable toilets on the market. These include collapsible and non-collapsible units. The collapsible units can be folded up when they are not in use, which is very helpful if you are bringing your portable toilet with you.

On the other hand, the non-collapsible units are not as easy to set up and takedown. They do come with wheels, but the wheels are often hard to get out of the ground, which can make it difficult to roll them around.


The weight of the portable toilet is also important when it comes to choosing one, make sure that it does not weigh too much. If you are planning on bringing the unit to a tailgating event then you want to make sure that it is light enough to carry around.

Storage space:

The storage space that is included in the unit will also factor into how you choose the right portable toilet for tailgating. The smaller units do not have anywhere near as much space as the larger units do.

Thus, if you plan on bringing a small unit with you then you will need to figure out what else you will be bringing with you. If you are bringing a large cooler with you then you will be able to store your portable toilet inside of it.


Durability is an important consideration when choosing the right portable toilet for tailgating. You do not want to spend a lot of money on a unit that will be ruined very quickly because of poor construction.

Make sure that the portable toilet you are buying has a strong frame and is made out of heavy-duty materials.

Look for a unit that has a galvanized steel frame and vinyl or plastic exterior. This will help the unit to withstand the elements and give you many years of service.


It is important to make sure that you do your research before you buy a portable toilet. Do not just go out and purchase the first one you find without doing your research. Once you have done your research, then you can start looking for the best portable toilet for tailgating.

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