Best Shower Drain Wrench Review (Updated for 2023)

Many homeowners find themselves in a position where they need to clear their shower drain, and the only tool on hand is a household wrench. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to do this job, then there are several products that can help. This article will review some of the best shower drain wrenches on the market today. 

10 Best Shower Drain Wrench Review

1. Oatey 42239 Brass and Plastic No-Calk Shower Drain Wrench

best shower drain wrench

For use with Oatey No-Calk shower drains, this brass and plastic drain wrench is designed to make tightening your shower drain a breeze. The raised head allows for hand tightening without the need of any tools. This durable stainless steel construction will last you for years to come.


2. Armour Line RP77323 Tub Drain Remover Wrench

Armour Line RP77323 Tub Drain Remover Wrench Review

The Armour Line RP77323 Drain Remover Wrench is a great tool to have around the house. This shower drain removal tool is made of aluminum. It will not scratch surfaces and it turns with an open-end or adjustable wrench.

The heavy-duty construction makes it durable for years of use. It’s aluminum construction makes it lightweight too. The adjustable wrench end fits a variety of drain sizes and the open ended wrench fits a variety of nut sizes.


3. HAUTMEC Tub Drain Remover Wrench PL0030

HAUTMEC Tub Drain Remover Wrench PL0030 Review

HAUTMEC Tub Drain Remover Wrench PL0030 is a dual-sided wrench that can be used to install and remove most bath and shower drains and closet spuds. It has two different size ends, one for removing the drain, another for installing it. The wrench is made of die-cast aluminum which is strong yet lightweight.

So you can use it to remove or install your tub drain with ease. With HAUTMEC Tub Drain Remover Wrench PL0030, you’ll never have trouble removing or installing your tub drain again!


4. Tub Drain Remover Wrench

Tub Drain Remover Wrench Review

Tub Drain Remover Wrench is a dual ended drain wrench that fits 3/8” or 1/2” ratchet wrenches. The Tub Drain Remover Wrench can be used alone or with an adjustable wrench. Use the shower drain removal tool to remove drains from either end of the pipe, and use it as a hammer for simple fixed percussion.

You can also use the extension from either end to reach nuts behind walls and in hard to reach places.


5. Tub Dual Ended Drain Wrench

Tub Dual Ended Drain Wrench Review

The Tub Dual Ended Drain Wrench is made of high-quality zinc alloy, and it’s very durable and sturdy. Its universal measurement is about 3.3 x 4.5 x 15.5 cm/ 1.30 x 1.77 x 6.10 inches (length x width x height). It’s a good helper for you to unclog the drain easily. And it has two ends, one with a hook and the other with a spiral end.

The spiral end can be used to clear hair from drains while the hook side is ideal for clearing clogs in sinks or bathtubs. You can use this drain wrench to remove hair from your bathroom sink, shower or tub drain quickly and easily!


6. Millrose Mill-Rose 73055 Razorback Drain Wrench

Millrose Mill-Rose 73055 Razorback Drain Wrench Review

Millrose Razorback Drain Wrench is designed with a simple, yet effective design. This is the only tool that you will need to remove stubborn drain plugs from your shower or sink.  Its dimensions are 7.111 L x 9.906 H x 32.004 W. 

The Millrose Drain Wrench features a unique “T” handle that allows for easy access and maximum leverage. This innovative design also allows for complete 360 degree rotation of the wrench head which helps get into tight spaces where other wrenches may not fit!


7. Plumbing Wrench, Brass, PVC and ABS Shower Drain

Plumbing Wrench, Brass, PVC and ABS Shower Drain Review

Introducing the Slimline Plumbing shower drain spanner wrench. This tool is designed to fit in those tight spaces like subflooring and is used with your 3/8 inch handle and extension. A36 Steel made to last a lifetime of use. The brass handle provides superior grip and durability.

The PVC plastic head protects the user from sharp edges as well as corrosion. For maximum reach, attach this wrench to your 3/8 inch drive hand drill or impact driver for use in hard-to-reach.


8. Superior Tool 06020 Tub Drain Wrench

Superior Tool 06020 Tub Drain Wrench Review

The Superior 06020 Tub Drain Wrench is an essential tool for any professional plumber or homeowner. This tub drain wrench enables you to remove and install bathtub drains without the hassle of removing the entire crossbar, which can be especially difficult on corroded crossbars.

The Superior 06020 Tub Drain Wrench features a unique, patented design that allows it to fit over the existing tub drain flange and attach directly to your pipe wrench.


9. Superior Tool 05255 1.5″ Tub Drain Extractor

Superior Tool Drain Extractor

The Superior Tool 05255 1.5″ Tub Drain Extractor is a very simple and easy to use product that can be used for your tub drains. This product can be used with any type of drainage system, including the standard bathtub drain. This product has been tested to work on most tubs or shower drains that have hair clogs or other types of debris in them.

The Superior Tool 05255 1.5″ Tub Drain Extractor comes with a durable plastic handle and a removable brass head, which makes it easier to clean out the clogs from your tub.


10. Pasco 4554 Smart Dumbell Heavy Duty Aluminum – GIDDS2-SX-0262790

Pasco 4554 Smart Dumbell Review

Pasco 4554 Smart Dumbell is the ideal tool for removing and installing tub drains and closet spuds. This smart, cordless, battery-powered device features a frameless motor with replaceable brushes for extended tool durability and life.

It also comes with a set of 5 interchangeable sockets that fit all 17 modern tub drain configurations. The Pasco 4554 Smart Dumbell prevents scratching of decorative finishes while you remove or install your tub drain or closet spud in just seconds. The right tool for the job!


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Shower Drain Wrench

Know the type of drain you need to unclog and

Pick a wrench that can fit in the drain you need to unclog. For example, if the drain is at the corner of your bathtub, an oval-ended wrench might not be able to reach it.

Check the durability and strength of the materials 

Check if the material of your chosen wrench is strong enough to withstand the force you put on it. This is especially important if you can’t access the drain or find it difficult to unclog.

Choose a wrench that fits your hand best

There are a variety of shower drain wrenches with different shapes and sizes. It might be easier for you to handle a wrench with a T-handle, but it all depends on your personal preference.

Check for adequate grip, length, and weight

The handle should be long enough to make it easier to use. However, if you have back or joint problems, a longer handle might not be the best option for you because it will require considerable effort on your part. 

The weight of the wrench is also important – a heavier tool can provide greater torque, but a lightweight one has the advantage.

Consider the size of the opening on your drain pipe 

It’s important to check if your chosen wrench can fit in the opening on your drain pipe. If it has a letter letter (which denotes the size of the drain), make sure you get one that matches it.

Check what’s included in the package

Before making the purchase, check if other tools are included – this might save you money or time that would have been spent on buying separate.

Look at features such as wrenches that can be used in tight spaces and ratcheting mechanisms for more leverage

If you have a bathroom with limited space, it might be easier if the wrench has an extendable handle or a rotating head. If you can get one with a ratcheting mechanism, this will make the job easier and faster if the drain is stubborn.


That’s all. If you’re looking for a way to clear your shower drain without the hassle and frustration of using an ordinary household wrench, there are plenty of products that can help. 

We hope this article has been helpful in narrowing down the best shower drain wrench for you! Comment below if we’ve missed anything or want input on other models–we’d love to hear from you!

Happy drainage clearing 🙂

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