Best Shower Valve For 2023 – Complete Guide & Review

Shower valves are mainly used to control the flow of water which is similar to the tap on your basin. There are mainly two types of shower valves in consideration but they come in a variety of styles to match a whole host of shower fittings.

So to find out the perfect one which complements your bathroom is simple. But you need to have enough knowledge to find the best shower valve for you. You have to know about the materials used to build the shower valve, their quality, durability and so many.

If you want to pick the ultimate shower valve for you then you need to analyze lots of things which is time-consuming. But you don’t need to worry much about this because we already did the part for you. After doing some profound research, we have enlisted some of the finest shower valves on the market. At the end, we have also discussed some buying tips which will help you to choose the best shower valve for you.

Top 5 Shower Valve Comparison:

10 Best Shower Valves Reviews:

1. Delta R10000-UNBXHF Multichoice Universal Shower Valve

best shower valve

Delta R10000-UNBXHF can be used with showers only. This valve does not have an outlet which can be used for tubs. It also includes a drain assembly system. Although it can be used for shower only yet it has high flow.

It has also a unique system that allows you to easily change the function, style and appearance of the shower. For that, you don’t need to alter the plumbing behind the wall for this.

This valve has a dimension of 2.5″ long and 4” wide. Its diameter base is 1.34375″ and has an overall height of 4.5″ from top to bottom. Flexibility is the best facility you can get from this universal shower valve.

2. Delta Faucet R10000-UNBX  Universal Tub and Shower Valve

Delta faucet shower valve

Delta Faucet R10000-UNBX Multichoice Universal valve body can be used for both tub and shower. It is made of brass and its dimension is 4.9 x 5.1 x 4.9 inches. The single, dual, or dual thermostatic cartridge is accepted by this valve.

This is only valve body, you have to buy trim separately. You will get the cartridge included with it. It has also got the back-to-back capability. And the most interesting thing about it is that you can easily fix the changes without behind-the-wall plumbing alterations.

3. Pfister 0X8310A OX8 Series Tub/Shower Rough Valve

Pfister Shower Valve

You can use the Pfister 0X8310A OX8 Series valve for both tub and shower. It’s installation process is very easy. This valve is basically made of solid brass with a durable brass stem. Its dimension is 0.1 x 7.6 x 7.8 inches.

It also includes Pforever Seal which is a ceramic disc valve technology and plug which can be used for shower only. This valve has also got dual 1/2” I.P. or 1/2” Copper Sweat Connections. Pfister 0X8310A OX8 Series valve also includes rough in valve and pressure balance cartridge.

The plaster guard cap is the main attraction of this valve. It ensures you to keep a large enough opening after installation by attaching the guard cap before installation.

4. Pfister 00731XA 2-Handle Shower Only Rough-In Valve

Pfister 00731XA 2-Handle Shower Only Rough-In Valve

Pfister 00731XA 2-handle shower only rough-in valve can be used for hand showers. The valve is made of solid brass and its dimension is 0.1 x 8 x 10.6 inches. When you buy the product it comes with only the valve. It includes union nuts which are 1/2″ Union Inlets and 1/2″ I.P. Outlets.

The shower valve is mainly an unfinished 8-inch fixed cast brass valve body with copper union adapters. It has 2-hole installation which makes it more easier to install the valve.

5. Moen 2570 Rough-In PosiTemp Pressure Balancing Cycling Shower Valve

Moen Shower Valve

The Moen Rough-In PosiTemp Pressure Balancing Cycling Shower Valve with Stops will ensure you a generous flow of water. The Moen M-PACT common valve system allows you to make style updates any time in the future. You don’t need to replace the plumbing to make changes.

The valve is made of brass. The Rough-In 2570 has PosiTemp technology which helps to maintain water temperature while showering.

The four-port, cycle valve also offers an adjustable temperature limit stop so that you can control maximum hot water temperature. On the other hand, its 1222 cartridge accommodates back-to-back installations.

6. KES Pressure Balance Shower Faucet Set Brass Shower valve:

KES Pressure Balance Shower Faucet Set Brass Shower valve Review

KES Pressure balance shower faucet set brass shower valve is one of those shower valves that has a good name in the market in terms of quality and longevity. The reason behind this reputation is the materials used to make the shower valve. It is the faucet body which is made of high quality brass that has ensured it’s quality and durability.

The dimension of the shower valve is about 7.9 x 7.4 x 5.8 inches. The cartridge used in this shower valve is a pressure balance ceramic disc cartridge. This cartridge saves your shower valve from sudden changes in the water temperature.

As far as the installation is concerned, the shower valve should be installed at the height of 100-150 cm from the floor. The installation process is very simple and easy too. It’s features helped this shower valve to make a good reputation in the minds of the people.

7. Kohler K-8304-K-NA Universal pressure-balancing valve body and cartridge kit:

Kohler K-8304-K-NA Universal pressure-balancing valve body and cartridge kit Review

This Kohler shower valve is one of the most versatile and reliable shower valves in the market. It is known as a versatile shower valve because it works for both thin and thick wall and fits in every Kohler trim.

On the other hand, the reason behind this shower valve being so reliable is it’s forged brass body which ensures long term reliability. The latest pressure balancing technology used in this shower valve helps to deliver accurate and reliable performance.

The shower valve should be installed to the front of 2” X 4”. The installation process of this valve is so easy that you can do it in very simple steps.

8. Moen 3510 M-PACT Moentrol Pressure Balancing Shower Valve:

Moen 3510 M-PACT Moentrol Pressure Balancing Shower Valve Review

Moen 3510 M-PACT Moentrol pressure balancing shower valve comes with a variety of features. This Moen shower valve can give you more flexibility. The shower valve is built on the M-PACT Common valve system which will let you update your faucet style without replacing any plumbing.

This valve is made of durable brass construction and has pressure-balancing feature allowing it to maintain water temperature. It has a unique feature of volume control which helps to adjust both water volume and temperature using a single lever.

As far as the installation is concerned, it is very simple to install. This shower valve is built to last, got longstanding flexibility and this is why you must keep this shower valve in your shopping list.

9. Integrated Diverter Rough in Valve for Delta (R11000):

This integrated Diverter Rough in valve is for delta brands product. The shower valve has a forged brass body that ensures durability. The dimension of the valve is 3.5 x 3.3 x 3.2 inches and it has a 3-PART diverter rough.

It got a pressure test cap which allows testing the shower valve before installation. This valve is one of those shower valves that you can keep on your shopping list if you are looking for the best shower valve.

10. PULSE ShowerSpas 3001-RIV-PB-BN Tru-Temp Mixing Valve:

PULSE ShowerSpas 3001-RIV-PB-BN Tru-Temp Mixing Valve Review

PULSE Tru-Temp Mixing Shower Valve can be a great replacement for your existing valve. The body of the shower valve is made of high-quality brass which ensures the long life of the valve. The pressure-balancing design of the valve keeps the temperature of the water constant.

The scale guard of the shower valve makes sure that the water pressure remains constant and reduces the risk of scalding. The installation process of the valve is very simple and the outlook of the valve is good too. There are no mounting screws on the shower valve and this has given a clean and modern look to this valve.


Things to Consider Before Buying Shower Valve:

As I have told you earlier that there are two different types of shower valves available in the market which are thermostatic shower valves and manual shower valves. So you need to know about the differences between them so you may choose the suitable one for you.


The purpose of the thermostatic shower valve is to maintain the temperature of the water. And the purpose of the manual shower valve is to control the temperature and water flow in the same way like the tap on a sink.

In the case of a thermostatic shower valve, if someone turns on the flush or tap anywhere in the house you will not experience any scalding or freezing blast.

On the other hand, in case of a manual shower valve, if anyone turns on a tap elsewhere in the house you can experience scalding or freezing blast.


Thermostatic shower valves usually come with two handles or three handles which are used for controlling temperature and water on off purpose. On the other hand, manual valves come with only a single handle which is used for controlling the temperature and flow both together.

The system of Work:

The thermostatic shower valve’s system of work is automatic. Once you have set the temperature at a specific level then after that you don’t have to worry anymore.

Because it will stay in the same position until you change it. But in the case of a manual shower valve, it isn’t much stable. Water may turn dangerously hot all of a sudden.

Design and Color:

Shower Valves are available in different colors and designs out there. You can purchase starting from basic no-frills design to models supporting exotic builds.

There are some tailor made valves too which will fit in specific decoration. But the decorations and designs are all up to you. You have to choose the one which is suitable for you among these various varieties of designs and colors.

Size of the Valve:

Regarding the size of the valve many people make mistakes. They pick up the wrong size and then they seek for return policy which is quite a hassle.

So to avoid all these, you should determine the size and choose the right size that perfectly suits your bathroom.

Suitable For:

Thermostatic Shower Valves are suitable for those who prefer highly contemporary design. But if your budget range is low then a manual shower valve is suitable for you.

Price Range:

Manual shower valves are economic whereas thermostatic shower valves are a bit expensive. So before buying you have to decide which one you need.

Final verdict:

I hope that by now you have understood that what should be there in a good quality shower valve. I have also given reviews on some of the most popular and effective shower valves in the market. I hope that it would be of great help to you. Because the buying guide I provided you that will help you to choose the best shower valve for you.

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