Best Square Toilet Seats Review for 2023 by Experts

It’s a toilet seat. It’s square.

You put it on the toilet and then you sit on it.

But, wait! There are so many options out there for square toilet seats that make sitting on one much more enjoyable than others – which is why we were inspired to write this blog post!

In it, we’ll review the best square toilet seats in the market as well as provide some helpful tips for choosing your own perfect fit.

Let’s get started!

8 Best Square Toilet Seats Review

1. yidexin square toilet seats

best square toilet seat

The yidexin square toilet seat is the first product of our best square toilet seat list. It’s made of good quality PP material, which is safe and healthy. It has passed the test on the quality of water resistance, acid-base resistance, compression strength, low temperature performance, static electricity performance, and impact resistance, etc. 

The lid can be closed slowly and quietly so that it will not cause loud slamming or hand pinched. It also will not wake up your family with noise during sleeping time.

Installation is simple and all hardware are included in the package including bolts, washers and nuts making it easy to install on most toilet seats.


2. Premium Molded Wood Seat White Elongated Closed Front Toilet Seat for Eljer Toilets

Premium Molded Wood Seat White Elongated Closed Front Toilet Seat Review

The Premium Molded Wood seat is made of MDF wood, making the seat stronger than other plastic seats. The eljer square front toilet seat features a high gloss enamel paint with UV protection that resists chipping and peeling. The soft close hinges are adjustable top mount hinges. 

This toilet seat comes in an elegant white color to match most bathroom decors. The toilet seat also has corrosion resistant stainless steel screws and POM nuts and bolts. It comes with four bumpers that attach to the underside of the lid.


3. XQHDWEC Square Toilet Seats

XQHDWEC Square Toilet Seats Review

XQHDWEC toilet seats are made of durable material, with an ergonomic design for more comfortable use. They are easy to mount with the included fittings and quick release helps you detach the seat from the pan which assists you in cleaning the seat and area around the hinges. 

The slow close square toilet seat closes quietly to prevent slamming. It is extra hygienic due to its material that makes it easy to wipe stains off it.


4. Mirabelle MIRTSVL200WH MIRTSVL200 Elongated Rectangular Closed Front Toilet Seat and Lid

Mirabelle MIRTSVL200WH MIRTSVL200 Elongated Rectangular Closed Front Toilet Seat and Lid Review

The Mirabelle MIRTSVL200WH White Elongated Rectangular Closed Front Toilet Seat and Lid are constructed of solid wood with a white finish. The seat features an elongated design to fit modern elongated toilets, while the lid has a smooth closing hinge and soft close technology for added comfort and convenience. 

This toilet seat also features water-resistant hinges to help prevent leaking.


5. Fondeory Square Toilet Seat

Fondeory Square Toilet Seat Review

This square shape toilet seat is made of Duroplast, which is a high quality plastic. This material has excellent performance of scratch resistance, antistatic and dust repellent. It will not be yellowed or cracked after long time use. The hinge can firmly fix the toilet lid on the toilet without moving. 

Moreover, it is detachable and easy to install and uninstall. With this product, your bathroom will look more elegant and comfortable.


6. Tailored Bathrooms TIS6103 T20 Square Toilet Seat

Tailored Bathrooms TIS6103 T20 Square Toilet Seat Review

Tailored Bathrooms TIS6103 T20 Square Toilet Seat is designed for comfort & efficient cleaning, the Tailored Bathrooms square toilet seat is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom. 

This easy-to-install square toilet seat has a push button quick release system that makes it incredibly simple to remove and replace your old seat. The soft close mechanism will ensure you don’t have any unwanted slamming sounds when you sit down or get up from the toilet!


7. LMLAW Square Toilet Seat with Soft Close & Quick Release Hinges

LMLAW Square Toilet Seat Review

The LMLAW Square Toilet Seat with Soft Close & Quick Release Hinges is designed to fit all standard toilet bowls. This seat offers a quick release hinge for easy removal and cleaning. The soft close feature will prevent your seat from slamming down and making too much noise. 

It has an easy clean surface that resists mold, mildew, and stains. This LMLAW toilet seat is made of sturdy polypropylene material that is chip resistant. This toilet seat has an attractive wood grain finish that will complement any bathroom decor.


8. MGMDIAN Red Toilet lid Thick Square uf Resin Old-Fashioned Toilet Cover/Slow-Down Quick-Release Toilet Cover

MGMDIAN Red Toilet lid Review

The toilet cover is made of high quality ceramic material. Ceramic has strong hardness, scratch resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is not easy to be scratched by sharp objects such as coins or keys. 

The surface of the toilet lid is smooth and glossy, which will not fade in sunshine. The color stability makes it more durable than other materials.

The installation method of the lid can be adjusted according to different height requirements in order to prevent children from falling into the toilet accidentally when they are using the bathroom alone.


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Square Toilet Seats

Toilet seat materials

Toilet seats come in a variety of materials. Some people stay away from the common belief that wood is always better, opting instead for ceramic or plastic models with designs printed on them so they can have something more unique than just another old-fashioned white seat.

What color do you want your toilet seat to be

I’m sure everyone has their favorite colors and patterns, but what if I told you that there was a way for them not only decorate their bathroom with it but also make its interior design as well. Toilet seats come in many different hues from light grays all the way up through vibrant pinks or oranges depending on preference – why don’t we find out which one would look good under our fixtures at home!

How much are you willing to spend on a new toilet seat 

A lot of people may be surprised to know that there is no standard pricing for these things. Staggering around $30-$50, they can vary in cost depending on who manufactured them and where their materials come from!

Is there any warranty for the toilet seat

Most toilet seat comes with a lifetime warranty. If you happen to break or damage your toilet, just contact the manufacture and they will replace it without hesitation!

Frequently Asked Questions about Square Toilet Seat

Are Square toilet seats all the same size?

Answer: Square toilet seats are many different sizes which is determined by the size of toilet they fit. The best thing to do when buying is to measure your toilet seat width, length, and height for accurate sizing.

Are Square toilets comfortable?

Answer: Well, not everyone will feel comfortable sitting on it and that can be an issue. The shape might also cause discomfort by sinking into your skin or leaving unwanted marks!


If you’re in the market for a square front toilet seat, we hope this post has been helpful for you. We tried to provide as much information about these products and their features so you can make an informed decision when buying the best square toilet seat.

Let us know in the comment below what you think! Feel free to leave a question, provide feedback or share your experience with these toilet seats. We’re here for you and would love to hear from you.

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