Best Tires for Porsche Boxster [List Updated for 2023]

If you’re looking for a great driving experience, you need quality tires. That’s why we’ve got the perfect guide for you.

In this post, we’ll show the best Porsche Boxster tires for the best traction and fuel economy. We’ll also show you how to choose the right tires, that will provide excellent performance.

2022 Porsche Boxster Tire Size

Options PackageTire SizeWheel (Rim) Size
25 Years RoadsterF: P235/35ZR20
R: P265/35ZR20
F: 20 X 8.5 in.
R: 20 X 10.5 in.
Base RoadsterF: P235/45ZR18
R: P265/45ZR18
F: 18 X 8 in.
R: 18 X 9.5 in.
GTS 4.0 RoadsterF: P235/35ZR20
R: P265/35ZR20
F: 20 X 8.5 in.
R: 20 X 10.5 in.
S RoadsterF: P235/40ZR19
R: P265/40ZR19
F: 19 X 8 in.
R: 19 X 10 in.
T RoadsterF: P235/35ZR20
R: P265/35ZR20
F: 20 X 8 in.
R: 20 X 10 in.

Factors to Consider When Buying Tires for Porsche Boxster:

best tires for porsche boxster
  • Make sure the tires are appropriate for your car.
  • Check the tire size and make sure it fits your car’s specifications.
  • Check the tire tread and make sure it’s not worn out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Porsche Boxster Tires

How much are the tires for Porsche Boxster?

The price of tires for the Porsche Boxster ranges from $50 to $300. It all depends on the brand and quality of the tires.

How long do Porsche Boxster tires last?

The average life of a tire is between 3 and 5 years. You can also get a longer life by selecting the right type of tires, but that depends on the car’s driving style.

Does Porsche Boxster come with a spare tire?

No, Porsche Boxster does not come with a spare tire.

What are the best brands for Porsche Boxster tires?

The best brands for Porsche Boxster tires are the Michelin and the Toyo Tires.


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