Best Tires for Porsche Macan [List Updated for 2023]

Porsche Macan is one of the most popular cars in the world. It’s a fast, comfortable, and spacious car that can make great use of a few minutes on the road.

However, there are some things you should be aware of when it comes to tires. To make your work easy we have put together a list of the best tires for Porsche Macan available on the market.

best tires for porsche macan

2022 Porsche Macan Tire Size Chart

Options PackageTire SizeWheel (Rim) Size
Base AWDF: P235/55WR19
R: P255/50WR19
F: 19 X 8.5 in.
R: 19 X 9 in.
GTS AWDF: P265/40WR21
R: P295/35WR21
F: 21 X 9.5 in.
R: 21 X 10 in.
S AWDF: P265/45WR20
R: P295/40WR20
F: 20 X 9 in.
R: 20 X 10 in.

Factors to Consider When Buying Tires for Porsche Macan:


Road conditions, weather, and road surface are all factors that affect the car’s performance. You should choose the right terrain tires for Porsche Macan.

Driving Style:

If you’re planning to take your car off-road or if you’re planning to drive in snowy or muddy conditions. Then consider choosing winter or all-season tires for Porsche Macan.

Driving Conditions:

Depending on the temperature and driving conditions, it is best to use either warm weather or cold weather tires for Porsche Macan.


If you’re planning to use your car in an environment with high humidity, then you need to choose a tire that is resistant to bad weather such as rain and snow.

Tires Type:

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right tire for Porsche Macan. You can choose a performance tire, an all-season tire, or a summer or winter tire for Porsche Macan.

Tire Size:

You can choose the right size of your tires for the Porsche Macan by checking the wheel size of your car.

Tread Depth:

Consider the tread depths of your tires when buying a new tire for a Porsche Macan.

Frequently Asked Questions about Porsche Macan Tires

How long do Porsche Macan tires last?

The average life of tires for a Porsche Macan is between 10,000 to 25,000 miles.

Does Porsche Macan come with a spare tire?

Yes, Porsche Macan comes with a compact spare tire.

Does Porsche Macan have run-flat tires?

Porsche does not offer run-flat tires for Porsche Macan.


We hope that this article has helped you choose the best set of tires for the Porsche Macan.

However, if you still have questions about tires for Porsche Macan, then you can leave a comment below.

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