Best Toilet Supply Line in 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best toilet supply line for your home? 

Well, I’m going to give you some information on what makes a good toilet supply line. 

First of all, it should be durable and made from quality material. You don’t want something that will break easily or have leaks in it. 

Second, it needs to be easy to install and use! 

If you can’t figure out how to do this by yourself then call a professional plumber because that is not an option. Or, read our reviews before purchasing I hope it will be helpful for you!

10 Best Toilet Supply Lines Review

1. Fluidmaster B1T12CS CLICK SEAL Toilet Connector

Best Toilet Supply Line

Fluidmaster’s B1T12CS CLICK SEAL toilet supply line is 3/8 in female compression thread x 7/8 in ballcock thread lead free. It exceeds all requirements and provides a leak-free connection to the toilet fill valve when you connect it with Fluidmaster’s fill valves.

The Fluidmaster Toilet Connector is designed to be used with the Fluidmaster Click Seal universal toilet flange. The connectors are made of brass and come in a variety of lengths. They are designed to be flexible, which makes them easy to install. No need for plumber’s tape or teflon tape! Simply remove your old connector and replace it with this one.


2. SharkBite 24656 Toilet Connector

SharkBite 24656 Toilet Connector Review

SharkBite 24656 Toilet Connector is a push-to-connect fitting that installs in seconds. It connects Copper, PEX, CPVC and PE-RT pipe in any combination. SharkBite is the only brand that can ensure a leak free connection through its patented 360 degree swivel feature. Rated to 200 PSI and 200 Degrees F, this product can be used for potable water and hydronic heating applications. This connector is made of high quality brass material with an attractive chrome finish that will not corrode or rust over time.

This corrosion-resistant click seal Toilet Connector is a revolutionary way to install a new toilet. Click Seal provides an audible “click” that prevents overtightening, providing you with easy installation and guaranteed water tightness every time!


3. Fluidmaster B4T09U Universal Toilet Connector With Size Adaptors

Fluidmaster B4T09U Universal Toilet Connector Review

The Fluidmaster B4T09U 9-Inch Universal Toilet Connector is a great way to ensure that your toilet tank stays in working order. These connectors are designed and manufactured by the leading plumbing company, so you can count on them being up to code with easy installation instructions.

The 3/8″ female compression by 7/8″ ballcock will replace your old toilet connector easily with the help of its high-quality construction. With multiple size adapters, you’ll be able to connect it to most water supply connections!

The no-burst flexible braided stainless steel construction is strong enough for high-pressure applications, while the connectors have a 9-inch length to make installation easy.


4. SharkBite 24686 Ballcock Click Seal Toilet Connector

SharkBite 24686 Ballcock Click Seal Toilet Connector Review

The SharkBite 24686 Ballcock Click Seal Toilet Connector is designed for use with the ballcock assembly on 1.6 and 2.0 GPF toilets manufactured by Kohler, Mansfield, Gerber, Crane and more.

This quick connect toilet supply line features a push-to-connect design that makes for quick and easy installation without the need for solder, glue, unions or tools. Just insert the pipes into the connector jaws with stainless steel teeth that bite down on them tight while an specially formulated O-ring compresses creating an airtight seal.

Disassembly can be just as simple too using their disconnect tool so valves and fittings are easily changed out when needed giving your plumbing system added flexibility.


5. EZ-Fluid Toilet Water Supply Connector Line

EZ-Fluid Toilet Water Supply Connector Line Review

The EZ-Fluid toilet water supply line is a 3/8-inch compression by 7/8-inch ballcock x 20 inch braided stainless steel connector. This is a premium, high quality product! The EZ-Fluid Toilet Water Supply Connector Line features durable braiding for extra protection against rust and corrosion.

It prevents the connection from separating or leaking due to vibrations. The EZ-Fluid Toilet Water Supply Connector Line has a 3/8″ female compression thread and a 7/8″ ballcock thread.


6. Eastman 48088 Flexible Toilet Connector

Eastman 48088 Flexible Toilet Connector Review

This Eastman 48088 Flexible Toilet Connector is a 12-inch long flexible toilet connector that is constructed with 304-braided stainless steel and has a PVC internal hose. It features a 3/8 inch Comp x 7/8 inch Ballcock nut connection and it’s equipped with a rubber washer and chrome-plated brass alloy nuts. Its build quality and features make it one of the best toilet supply lines in the market.

It’s working pressures is 125 PSI; Burst pressure is 1500 PSI, working temperature is 40-degrees F to 150-degrees F; max temperature of 180-degrees F.


7. Highcraft CNCT27413-OM1 tank supply line

Highcraft CNCT27413-OM1 tank supply line review

This high quality, stainless steel braided toilet supply line is perfect for hooking up a water tank. It features chrome plated compression connectors that have brass nuts and 7/8 inch connections to prevent corrosion and rust while being easy to clean. The purest of materials are used in the construction of this brilliantly durable product!

Constructed with 304-braided stainless steel, this toilet connector is equipped with a PVC internal hose and measures 12 inches in length. Working pressures are 125 PSI; burst pressure is 1500 PSI, working temperature range is 40 to 150 degrees F, max temperature of 180 degrees F and includes a rubber washer and chrome-plated brass alloy nuts.


8. EZ-Fluid 16“ Toilet Water Supply Connector

EZ-Fluid 16“ Toilet Water Supply Connector Review

The EZ-Fluid Toilet Supply Line connects the toilet flapper to the water supply line. This product is made of 304 stainless steel which prevents corrosion and rusting. It’s braided for extra protection against corrosion, ensuring a long life span. A compression fitting allows easy installation on standard 3/8 inch connections.

This toilet water supply line is very easy to install and use. Simply connect this product between your toilet supply line and water supply line using a wrench or pliers. No need to remove any existing parts from your toilet.


9. TRUSTMI Quick Connect Water Supply Hose

TRUSTMI Quick Connect Water Supply Hose Review

TRUSTMI Quick Connect Water Supply Hose is a nice looking black toilet supply line. It can gives your bathroom a luxury feel. This 24-inch extra long quick connect water supply line is very double length of original hoses. Fit for TRUSTMI 3 piece 3 hole 8 inch widespread deck mounted bathroom faucet (Y-Shape hose not fit). Wider spread distance up to 38-inches. It comes in 2 pieces  package. Very easy to install.


10. PROCURU Braided Stainless Steel Supply Line

PROCURU Braided Stainless Steel Supply Line Review

PROCURU’s braided stainless steel faucet supply line is an innovative solution for connecting a water source to your toilet tank. This 24 inch (2 Ft.) FIP/IPS connector is made of high quality 316 Stainless Steel and features nickel plated brass nuts.

It can be used with cold or hot water systems and comes with a 3/8″ compression fitting that connects to the stop valve. The 1/2″ IPS female end connects directly to the faucet, allowing it to be easily installed by anyone without tools.


Things to Consider Before Buying Toilet Supply Line

The selection of toilet supply lines can be a complicated process. There are many different types of supplies available, which means that you will need to think about how water pressure and flow rates affect your decision. 

When you find the right type for your home, it is important to consider if there are any remodeling or replacement costs associated with the purchase.

The four main factors in determining what type of toilet supply line best suits your home are: water pressure, flow rate, installation cost and material durability. You’ll want to make sure you have enough information before making a final decision so that you avoid costly mistakes down the road!

Below are some more factors to consider when buying a toilet supply line:

1. Consider what type of toilet you have – flush or tank

2. Know your water pressure and how many gallons per minute it can handle

3. Choose the right length for your plumbing system 

4. Measure the distance from the wall to where you will install your new toilet supply line

5. Buy a brand name that is known to be reliable, such as Sani-Flush or Kohler products 

6. Be aware of any product recalls before making a purchase decision

Frequently Asked Questions About Toilet Supply Lines

What size are most toilet supply lines?

Typically toilet supply lines are 3/8″ in diameter, but the length of these pipes varies from 9-20 inches.

How are toilet supply lines measured?

If you’re picking out a new toilet supply line, make sure it’s 7/8 inches to connect to the fill valve. To measure for one without any trouble, all you need are two measurements: from the outlet of your old hose (or where you want this thing) and how big is the connector on that particular tube?


We hope this article provides you helpful information about what makes a good toilet supply line and makes it easier for you to get the best toilet supply line. 

If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out and ask us!

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