Best Toilet Tank Bolts in 2023 to Fix Your Toilet Easily

We are here to talk about the best toilet tank bolts that you can buy!

It’s a topic that most of us don’t want to think about, but it is something we all need. We will go over what you should be looking for in a bolt and then explain our top picks. Hopefully, this article will make your search for the perfect bolt easier!

10 Best Toilet Tanks Bolts Review

1. 2 Pack Toilet Tank to Bowl Bolt Kits

Best Toilet Tank Bolts

The toilet tank bolt kit is easy to install and works perfectly. The extra-long nut on the lower side (bottom lock) is great for easy installation. And as locking nuts to avoid shifting.

Products are made from solid brass, and all gaskets are made from high-quality rubber. This ensures a secure fit when installing your toilet tank. This product gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be confident that you will love them!


2. Universal Toilet Tank To Bowl Gaskets

Universal Toilet Tank To Bowl Gaskets review

The 2-inch Tank-to-Bowl gasket replacement with tank-to-bowl bolts is a universal toilet tank repair kit that fits almost every universal two piece toilets. The included brass hardware kits are extra long for easy installation.

It includes one 2 inches black rubber gasket, three sets of tank to bowl bolts(two sizes), and two sizes of gaskets(2 inch +2.5 inch) for fit flush valves from 1.25″ to 1.6″.


3. Kissler & Company Inc. 68-7321 Tank to Bowl Bolt Set

Kissler & Company Inc. 68-7321 Tank to Bowl Bolt Set Review

Kissler & Company’s 68-7321 Tank to Bowl Bolt Set is a heavy duty tank to bowl bolt set is a great product for your toilet. This bolt set comes with a variety of different washers and nuts, allowing you to replace worn out or broken bolts that keep your toilet securely attached to the floor.

Also, provide the right amount of pressure on your toilet tank. The large washer included in this kit helps prevent leaking from occurring around the base of your toilet.


4. Universal Heavy Duty Toilet Tank to Bowl Bolts

Universal Heavy Duty Toilet Tank to Bowl Bolts Review

The Universal Heavy Duty Toilet Tank to Bowl Bolts is a premium quality toilet repair kit. It includes 4 stainless steel bolts, 4 washers, 2 nuts and 2 extra long lock nuts. It is designed for fixing the toilet seat and bowl together. They can be used in almost all standard toilets.

This set of the toilet tank to bowl bolt kits is very easy to install with no special tools required. They will secure your toilet bowl to the floor with ease and provide a stable base for your toilet seat.


5. Brass Toilet Bolt Screw and Nut Toilet Tank to Bowl Bolt Kits

Brass Toilet Bolt Screw and Nut Toilet Tank to Bowl Bolt Kits Review

The brass toilet seat bolts are made of brass material, durable and not easy to rust. They are designed for the toilet bowl or tank replacement. The rubber gasket is waterproof and protects your water tank perfectly. The plastic washer is soft with elasticity, which can prevent the bolt from scratching the surface of the tank effectively.

These brass toilet seat bolts do not damage the toilet parts, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your new toilets when replacing them with these high-quality bolts!


6. Universal Tank To Bowl Bolts & Gasket Kit

Universal Tank To Bowl Bolts & Gasket Kit

Universal Tank To Bowl Bolts & Gasket Kit comes with total of 3 sets of toilet tank bolts and 2 sizes of gaskets in Green Color (2 inch +2.5 inch) for fit flush valve opening. The gasket kit is universal to fit almost any 2 inch two-piece toilet tank. 

The solid brass material nuts and bolts are very high quality. It can provide you a long-term service. It’s one of the best toilet tank bolts available in the market.


7. Heavy Duty Toilet Bolts with Nuts

Heavy Duty Toilet Bolts with Nuts review

This toilet bolt kit is designed for most standard toilets. This toilet tank to bowl bolt kit includes 2 bolts, 2 nuts and 2 washers. It is very easy to install, the long lock nuts at the bottom of the toilet bolt kits are convenient to install and avoid shifting.

The rubber washers on both sides secure and seal the toilet tank to the bowl, bringing you a good experience. The bolts, nuts and lock nuts are made of copper plated material, which is durable and safe to use.


8. Toilet Tank Plastic Bolts

Toilet Tank Plastic Bolts Review

These toilet tank plastic bolts are wonderful anti-corrosion POM plastic screws. Will not rust, corrode, mineralize or bind. Help solve your toilet tank bolts corrosion issue.

Easy to install and replace, don’t over tighten them, holds well against leaks. The 4 inch bolts fit most two piece toilets. Screw length could be customized per needs.


9. TimeSaver STAINLESS STEEL 3 PACK Toilet Bolts and Seal Set

TimeSaver STAINLESS STEEL 3 PACK Toilet Bolts and Seal Set Review

The Universal Toilet Bolts Screws are easy to install and use. It can be used for many purposes such as fixing the toilet seat, cabinet door, furniture, etc. It is a must-have tool at home and the workplace.

The stainless steel nuts are very durable and easy to install. It is a great product for a complete tank mount job.


10. Jwodo Brass Toilet Tank Bolts

Jwodo Brass Toilet Tank Bolts Review

The Jwodo Brass Toilet Tank Bolts are a product that will help you to replace your old leaking bolts and secure your toilet tank with the updated brass toilet tank screws and gaskets. There will be no more leakage from your toilet tank and the bolts will never rust.

The brass toilet tank bolts are much better than the plastic or steel bolts considering the strength and corrosion resistance performance.


Things to Consider Before Buying Best Toilet Tank Bolts

What size bolts do you need for your toilet tank?

Toilet tank bolts come in different sizes depending on the type of toilet you have. The size of your toilet will be stamped on the inside of your tank. If there are no markings, measure from the top of the bolt to where it meets with the nut and use this measurement to find a replacement bolt. You can also get help from a plumber to help install new bolts if needed

A leaky toilet is an inconvenience and can waste water – make sure you replace all necessary bolts before they break!

How many bolts will be needed to secure the tank

It can be hard to tell how many bolts will secure a toilet tank. Is it one, two or three? It may depend on the manufacturer and model of your toilet system but usually there are four bolts attaching each side of the bowl-shaped base to its rectangular top with nuts that need tightening once they’re in place.

Do your bolts have an Allen or Phillips head

If you’re going to be putting together your own toilet tank, it’s important to know which type of head is the bolts have. Some manufacturers use Allen heads while others prefer Phillips screws heads.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Toilet Tank Bolts

What material should I use to replace my old, corroded bolts with new ones – brass, stainless steel, or plastic?

You want to find a material that will not corrode or rust again so your toilet is as safe and reliable for you now as it was when the tank first came out of production. The metal options – brass, stainless steel, bronze – are all more likely than plastic alternatives such as polypropylene or PVC to last through years without any degradation in quality.

Brass may be too expensive an option if the price is important but offers excellent corrosion resistance with no fear of neutrals (nobody wants poop-eating acid on their bolts).

Should I consider using adhesive instead of metal bolts and nuts when installing a new toilet tank?

As the old saying goes, “you can’t put a toilet seat on with just glue and hope for good results.”

The most integral part of installing any new tank is ensuring that it’s securely in place. If you’re not using metal bolts to tighten your nuts down then chances are there will be some problems later when water causes them to loosen up.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you should have a better idea of what are the best toilet tank bolts in the market. We hope that our buyer’s guide helped narrow down the options for you so that you could make a better decision on which bolt is best for your needs!

Is there anything else we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments below. One more thing- don’t forget to share our blog with others who might find it helpful too!

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