Common Plumbing Terms You Need to Know

When a plumber asks you to get a part of a component that he requires urgently, you should be able to understand what he is talking about.

Therefore it is imperative that you know the terms used by the plumbers for different parts and how they look and what purpose it is used for.

Here are some of the more common terms used in plumbing:

1/8 Bend Offset –  To set an object around a pipe this one is used.

ABS –  Is short of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, it is a black, rough plastic pipe for drainage use.

Access Panel –  This is an opening through which plumbing or electrical work can be done.

Adapter – This is a small part used for joining two pipes together.

Air Gap – Is the distance through which water flows in a drain pipe.

A Valve – Is a component that is used to shut off gas manually.

Back Vent – This is one of the vents which forms a part of a plumbing system.

Balancing E11 – This is a configuration that is used to control the water flow from a heating element.

Ball joint – It’s a rounded part of a joint that rests on a socket.

Branch Drain – It is a drain that joins to the main drainage line of a plumbing system.

Circuit Vent – It is a vent that runs from the final traps of the horizontal drain line to the primary stack of vents in a drainage system.

Cleanout – This is a plug that is used to access the pipe to clear any clog.

Closet Auger – It’s a tool that is used to remove an obstruction from the toilet.

Coupling – This is a type of fitting with two female ends.

CPCV – Short for Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride, it’s a type of pipe used in the water supply system.

IPB – Stands for polybutylene which is a type of plastic pipe used in the water system.

Plumber’s Putty – It’s a sealing substance used for sealing joints.

PVC – Short of Polyvinyl Chloride, white in color, these pipes are used in domestic water plumbing extensively.

Reducer – This is a fitting that can be connected to another pipe that is smaller in diameter.

Rough-in – Its phase in the installation that covers waste and vent lines, drains and water.

Run It is the length of the pipe from the drain to the fixture.

Soldier – It is a metallic substance that is used to fuse two surfaces.

Tee – It is fitting with three openings and looks like a T.

Trap – It is that part of the drain line that keeps harmful gases out and holds in water.

With the above knowledge, you will be able to understand the lingo of the plumber’

Common Plumbing Terms

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