How To Choose The Perfect Bathroom Color

No matter how daring a room looks, certain rules are followed by the designer or homeowner when it comes to color selection. It comes to a great extent, especially for the bathroom. The color schemes of the bathroom take a bit of planning as you have limited space and you need to provide necessary features as well.

We have rounded up our favorite tips for bathroom color in order to help you out. We are hoping that this one will be of great use to you and you will be finally able to choose the best bathroom color for your home.

How To Choose The Perfect Bathroom Color

4 Tips for The Perfect Bathroom Color

1. Use a Color Wheel

Perhaps you don’t know it but most bathroom color schemes come directly from the rules of the color wheel. Why do you think that purple and yellow go together? Because they’re across from each other on the color wheel and they have made themselves complementary. Moreover, green and blue look analogous as they are next to each other. So if you want to give yourself a good background and easy solutions to your color questions then turn to use a color wheel.

2. Combine Three Colors

Rule of three can guide you very well for creating a bathroom color scheme. The rule is something like this that you need to pick one neutral color, one rich color, and one accent. In order to do it successfully, you need to think about proportion. It is very safe to rely on a 70/20/10 distribution which is to use the lightest color in 70 percent of the room’s decor, the second lightest for 20 percent, and the boldest for 10 percent.

You can combine neutrals in different ways. For example, white plus cocoa brown plus light green can give your bathroom a cool, clean, and classic look. On the other hand, white, cocoa brown, and Kelly green is energizing and uplifting. If you can follow this clever rule, your bathroom paint colors will look like they were chosen by an expert.

3. A mixture of Two Neutrals

If you want to establish a bathroom atmosphere of serenity and calm then the neutral color scheme is best for you. Here you can focus on the color distribution of 70 and 30. Gray and white, these two neutrals make a really interesting color scheme. If you want to add more visual interest, you can include patterns, such as herringbone tile in a floor, or veined marble on countertops or wainscoting.

4. The Second Rule of Three

No matter what colors you’re focusing on, don’t forget the second rule of three because this can give your bathroom an international look. When you are picking a color, it should be used at least three times in a room. You can use it in towels, sink-side accents, or a piece of furniture in a bathroom. This even distribution of bathroom colors can give your bathroom a unique look.

There are many other interesting tips for selecting the bathroom color but the most important thing is you want, choice or selection. If you want you can use two bright colors in your bathroom such as: orange and blue. On the other hand, if you want dark colors you can also use it.

Basically most of the people want to give an organic vibe and you can do that by using naturally inspired hues such as: sea foam green and robin’s egg blue. You can also give the color of the bathroom inspiring from the rest of your house’s color. This will enhance the beauty of your bathroom and as well as your home.

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