How to Remove Rusted Toilet Bolts Easily Without any Specialized Tools

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing to replace your toilet, you might be faced with a difficult task.

The bolts are rusted and need to be removed before installing the new toilet. There are several ways to remove rusted toilet bolts that can be done without causing any damage to the surrounding areas or other parts of your toilet.

Why Do Toilet Bolts Rust

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Why do toilets and bathroom fixtures rust so quickly?

It seems like a question that has been asked for years, but the answer may surprise you. There are many factors to consider when it comes to this topic: such as humidity in bathrooms, how often they’re used (both number of times per day & length of time), type/quality of fixtures being installed.

However water-based cleaners have been found by scientists at Clemson University‘s Wateree River National Fish Hatchery on Ellis Island Farm near Columbia SC to be an important factor too!

All things considered, toilet bolts rust because chemicals from cleaning products make their way into your pipes via contaminated runoff which then corrodes metal surfaces inside them – even if these products say “environmentally friendly”.

How to Remove Rusted Toilet Seat Bolts

How to Remove Rusted Toilet Seat Bolts

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Do you have a rusted toilet seat? It is time to remove those rusted toilet seat bolts and replace them with new ones that will not cause any more damage.

Follow the process below to remove rusted toilet seat bolts:

Step 1: Clean the toilet seat bolts with a wire brush.

Step 2: Spray the area of the toilet seat bolts with WD-40.

Step 3: Apply heat to loosen up any rust, using a blow torch or propane heater.

Step 4: Remove all traces of rust by scrubbing it off with steel wool and dish soap; this will also remove any paint or other coatings that may have been on the bolt before you started working on it.

Step 5: Dry off the area and apply some lubricant (WD-40 is best for this) to help prevent future corrosion from occurring.

How to Remove Rusted Toilet Tank Bolts

How to Remove Rusted Toilet Tank Bolts

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The toilet tank bolts can become rusted and difficult to remove, but there are a few tricks that can make it easier. Follow the process below to get the rusted toilet tank bolts out without breaking your back or spending money on tools: 

Step 1: The first step is to remove the toilet tank lid and flush the toilet

Step 2: Next, use a wrench or pliers to loosen the bolts by turning them counterclockwise

Step 3: Once loosened, you’ll need to put your weight on the handle of your wrench so that it can provide more torque

Step 4: You may need an extra pair of hands for this part!

Step 5: After removing all four rusted toilet tank bolts, gently lift up the toilet tank from its base and set it aside

Step 6: Use a wire brush attachment on your drill with medium speed in order to scrape off any rust buildup before applying rust remover spray or scrubbing with steel wool pads

Step 7: Spray down where you will be drilling into with water in order to prevent sparks from flying out when using power tools such as drills and saws

Step 8: Drill holes through each bolt hole where they are rusted out until they break free; then unscrew them completely using either a ratchet or adjustable wrench (depending on what type of nut they have)

Step 9: Replace old bolts if possible; replace them with new ones that are designed for toilet tanks like those found in toilets because metal ones can cause leaks over. (Check the best toilet tank bolts available on the market)

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How to remove rusted toilet bolts using heat

Do you have a toilet that is so rusted, it won’t turn? Don’t worry! The process below will show you how to remove rusted bolts using heat.  

If other methods doesn’t work for you, try removing your toilet’s rusted bolts using heat: 

Step 1: Remove the lid from the toilet tank

Step 2: Fill a bucket with water and place it under the pipe connecting to the tank

Step 3: Turn on the hot water, making sure not to use too much pressure or you’ll risk breaking your pipes

Step 4: Put a rag over one of your hands and hold onto both sides of the toilet bowl

Step 5: With your other hand, unscrew all four bolts that are holding down the toilet seat

Step 6: Once they’re loosened enough, pull them out while still heating up each bolt using heat from your rag in order to loosen any rust build-up

Step 7: Clean off any remaining rust around each bolt hole before replacing them with new ones (make sure they fit snugly!)

Step 8: Replace everything back as it was when you started – turn off hot water, replace cover on top of tank.

How to remove rusted toilet bolts using wax

You’re in the middle of a plumbing emergency and have to remove rusted toilet bolts. You can’t afford to break them by force, but don’t know how to go about removing them. The best way is to use some wax! Read on for more information. 

Step 1: Put the wax on the bolt

Step 2: Place a towel under the toilet to catch any drips

Step 3: Use a wrench and turn in opposite directions to loosen bolts

Step 4: If you can’t remove them, use pliers or vice grips to break off rusted parts of bolts

Step 5: Clean up any remaining wax with turpentine or kerosene (not recommended)

Step 6: Replace toilet seat if necessary and reattach it using new bolts

Final Thoughts

Toilet replacement can be a difficult task. It’s important to know the right way to handle it so that you don’t cause any damage or disruption to your plumbing system. We hope this article will help you to remove rusted toilet bolts!

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