Toto CST494CEMFG#01 Connelly Two-Piece Toilet Review

TOTO Connelly toilet can be the name of comfort for your washroom. It can give you a luxurious experience in your washroom. Read our TOTO Connelly toilet review to learn more.

Review of TOTO Connelly Toilet:

TOTO Connelly toilet review

TOTO is a well known brand that manufactures world class toilets for a long time. They earn the trust of the customers by providing quality toilets to their customers. TOTO CST494CEMFG is a two piece toilet model that comes with a charming cotton white color.

Toto always sets a reasonable price on toilets so people of every range can buy their product. Though the price is reasonable, they don’t compromise with the quality of the product. This toilet gives you a comfortable feeling and you can use it for such a long time. Its latest features and design earns customers satisfaction and became one of the popular toilet manufacturers of the USA.

TOTO CST494CEMFG 01 is a floor mounted elongated toilet model. It gives you total comfort from the time you installed it in your washroom. Its design enhances the beauty of your washroom and changes the whole environment of your washroom. This toilet model comes with a dual flush mood. Cefiontect and dynamax tornado flush make flushing more powerful with low water consumption. It makes your toilet cleaning super easy.

It is a two piece toilet model. If you compare this toilet to other toilets in the market. This toilet model doesn’t come with a toilet seat. You have to buy a toilet seat separately.

You will find this toilet model is super easy to clean every part easily and effectively.

TOTO focuses on every single aspect of a toilet and that’s why they are dominating the toilet manufacturing industries.


Flushing system:

The Flushing system is one of the main parts of a toilet. You must check the flushing system before buying any toilet. TOTO Connelly Two PC Elongated Dual Flush Toilet comes with the best flushing system in the market.

Toto connelly toilet conventional siphon jet flushing systems and DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH will clean wastes in a single flush. Its design makes the water flow so powerful and you can save a lot of water.

This toilet comes with 3 types of flushing moods for 3 types of wastage that use water efficiently and gives you a premium experience.

Distinctive design:

Design is another aspect that you should check. Toilet designs can change the look of your washroom. Your comfort level also depends on the design of your toilet.

TOTO never compromised with the quality of the design. And that’s why TOTO makes this toilet design so unique and comfortable that it will enhance the beauty of your toilet and give you total comfort while using it.

You will get a premium finishing in every part. They always give value to customer preference and try to give you the best looking toilet for your washroom.

Water consumption:

Water consumption is an important sector for every toilet. Because water is an important natural resource and we shouldn’t waste it. So TOTO comes with this low water consumption toilet.

The flushing technology of this water gives you the control water pressure and gives you 3 variations while flushing. It saves 36% of water than the other toilets.

So you can save a lot of water from waste. It’s good for you and also good for the environment.

Process for cleaning:

The cleaning method of this toilet is so easy and fast. Its design helps you clean the toilet easily. It’s a two-piece model that helps your washing tools to reach every part of the toilet and disinfect from and germ. It can saves your time and keeps your toilet hygiene.

Universal height:

TOTO Connelly toilet’s universal height makes it different from the other toilets available in the market. Its height is designed bit higher than the standard.

It gives you a more comfortable sitting position and this height is suitable for every age.

Installation method:

Toto CST494CEMFG#01 is a two piece elongated toilet that fits in every size of toilet. The installation is very easy. With minimal DIY skills, you can install this toilet by yourself. If you don’t have DIY skills, then you can call a plumber to install your toilet in the washroom.

Final Words:

Toto is a reputed brand in the toilet industries. Their products are very demanding in the market at this moment. It fills up all the criteria of a good toilet and changes the environment of your toilet. We try to describe every single feature of this toilet in our TOTO Connelly toilet review.

So, you can buy toto connelly toilets for a long time in your washroom.

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