TOTO MW6243056CEFG#01 WASHLET+ Legato One-Piece Elongated Toilet Review

A washroom is where we do not spend a long time, but it is not less important than other rooms of our house. A well-decorated restroom is something that will make your house more sophisticated and classy. And the toilet is one of the most critical parts of your washroom. If your toilet is not comfortable and stinks, it creates a terrible problem in the house, and also it is unhygienic. So it is vital to choose a pretty comfortable toilet, easy to use and obviously eco friendly.

When it comes to a classy toilet, the name pops in our mind is the TOTO brand. TOTO is a famous brand known for its great toilets. TOTO Legato toilet is a product of this company that is designed with lots of features. And we have designed this article with a TOTO Legato toilet review. Let’s check the features and details review of this nice toilet.

TOTO Legato Toilet Review

toto legato toilet review

Technical Features of TOTO Legato Toilet

Model Number: MW6243056CEFG#01
Material: Cotton
Dimensions: 28.44 x 17.31 x 27.94 inches
Weight: 130 pounds
Color: Cotton White
Shape: Elongated
Water Consumption: 1.28 Gallons per Flush
Flush Type: Water-Saving Toilets
Certification: Watersense

Key Features of the TOTO Legato One-piece Toilet

Material and Design

TOTO Legato is a luxurious electric toilet that adds a modern and sophisticated look to your washroom. This is a one-piece toilet with an elongated shape. The cotton white color of this toilet makes the outlook very classy. Not only that, the height of this toilet seat is perfect that gives you maximum comfort.

Besides, this toilet is featured with many unique technologies. It is featured with an auto-open/close seat and lid. The lid will automatically open at your approach, and it will close on your departure. It has the technology to warm up the water instantly.

And as it is a tankless toilet, you will get a limitless water supply for your use. The seat will heat automatically. This toilet is featured with a warm air dryer with five adjustable temperatures for your comfort.

Flushing Technology

Flushing technology plays a vital role in the toilet because it keeps your toilet bowl clean and smell-free. The TOTO Legato toilet is featured with the TORNADO FLUSH system. This hole-free rim design with dual nozzles creates a centrifugal washing action that cleans the toilet bowl perfectly. But you won’t hear a single noise of flush from your toilet.

In addition to this, the TOTO toilet features EWATER+ technology. The toilet automatically sprays electrolyzed water that reduces the waste on the bowl after every use.

Water Consumption

Most water-saving toilets use 1.68 gallons of water per flush. But in the TOTO Legato one-piece toilet takes only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. That means this toilet can reduce up to 20% water in every flush. So it is an eco-friendly toilet.

Also, it helps you to save a lot on your yearly water bill.

Installation Process

It is very easy to install this toilet in your washroom. This is a one-piece toilet. So there is no way that the parts of this toilet will arrive at different times. Just go through the installation manual to learn the installation process. We suggest you take help from professional plumbers in this case.

Overall Quality

If we take an overall look at this TOTO Legato one-piece toilet, this is one of the best toilets on the market. This cotton white toilet is a combination of modern outlook and technologies. The perfect height, unlimited supply of warm water, and seat heat-up technology have made it a comfortable toilet seat.

The illuminated lighting technology provides you a soft warm light at night. Tornado flush system has made it an eco-friendly toilet. Not only that, this TOTO Legato toilet is hygienic as well because it is one kind of self-cleaning toilet.

Things We Liked in TOTO Legato:

TOTO Legato one-piece toilet is filled with wholesomeness. But still, there are some specific things we liked the most:

  • The outlook of this toilet is very modern, and it adds a classy look to your washroom.
  • Tornado flush technology has been featured ti this toilet that cleans the toilet perfectly after every use.
  • TOTO Legato toilet is a water-saving eco-friendly toilet. It uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush.
  • It is an automatic toilet. The seat and the lid of the bowl opens and closes automatically.
  • This toilet is operated by a touchpad remote with two user memory that can save the preferred setting.
  • There is a layer of smooth glaze named CEFIONTECT that prevents the gathering of waste on the bowl.
  • Air deodorizer is attached to this toilet to make your toilet smell refreshing.
  • TOTO Legato toilet is featured with a WASHLET water supply for seamless integration.
  • This toilet is featured with an illuminating night light that provides a sober and warm light in the toilet at night.

Things We Do Not Like in TOTO Legato:

  • You may face some problems with the flapper after using the toilet for some days.
  • You need to buy a wax ring, toilet mounting bolts, and toilet water supply lines separately.


Frequently Asked Questions About Legato:

What are the dimensions and weight of the TOTO Legato toilet?

TOTO Legato toilet is a luxurious and comfortable toilet with a standard dimension. The product is 28.44 inches in length, 17.31 inches in width, and 27.94 inches in height. And the net weight of this one-piece toilet is 130lbs.

Why are Toto toilets better?

TOTO toilets are great in outlook and add a sophisticated look to the washroom. Also, TOTO toilets are featured with many remarkable features like Tornado flush (a very powerful flushing system that uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush) and EWATER+ technology. This toilet is hygienic and helps you to save bucks on your water bill.

Do Toto Legato toilets need electricity?

Yes, TOTO Legato toilets need electricity to operate because they are featured with Washlet technology. Washlet technology uses electricity for its functions and features. So you need to plug your TOTO Legato toilet with the electric socket to enjoy the Washlet technology.

Which is the better round or elongated toilet?

According to the users, elongated toilets are better than round toilets. Elongated toilets are also 31″ up from the wall. It can be feated easily in any corner of the toilet. But round toilets are less expensive than elongated toilets.


Selecting a toilet for your washroom might sound easy but challenging to do. There are so many things you need to keep in mind before buying a toilet for your lavatory. Always try to choose a toilet that offers you maximum features at a minimum price.

We suggest you this TOTO Legato one-piece toilet for your washroom. This is a modern-day toilet with a sophisticated look and unique features. If you want to have a luxurious spa experience in your restroom, this toilet is the perfect option.

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