Are toilet tanks interchangeable

Are Toilet Tanks Interchangeable?

What many don’t know is that toilet tanks can be interchangeable. This means that if you have a tank and it’s leaking, there are chances your tank may not be the problem but rather a faulty seal. If this is … Read More

Stop Toilet Seat Sliding Sideways

How to Stop Toilet Seat Sliding Sideways?

Nothing disturbs more than a hitch related to the washroom these days in the house. Sliding the toilet seat is a very common problem that you face in the washroom. If you are using a traditional toilet then this is … Read More

How To Fix A Slow Close Toilet Seat

How To Fix A Slow Close Toilet Seat

A slow close toilet seat is really cool stuff to add to your toilet. It is a toilet seat that closes on its own when you start to push it down. This function is mainly controlled by gravity. But the … Read More