do amish people use toilet paper

Do amish people use toilet paper?

Yes, most Amish communities do use toilet paper. While some older generations may not be familiar with its use, most younger generations embrace it as a normative practice. The Amish are an interesting community with intriguing traditions and customs – … Read More

clogged toilet

Who is responsible for a clogged toilet: Landlord or Tenant?

Regarding household repairs and maintenance, determining responsibility can often create tension between landlords and tenants. One common issue that can arise is a clogged toilet. So, who is responsible for fixing it? The landlord is generally responsible for maintaining the … Read More

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How to Tell if Front or Rear Brakes are Bad?

If you hear a brake noise or squeal, it can be challenging to determine whether it’s coming from the front or rear brakes. There are, however, a few simple ways to test for brake problems that can help you narrow … Read More