How to Stop Toilet Seat Sliding Sideways?

Nothing disturbs more than a hitch related to the washroom these days in the house. Sliding the toilet seat is a very common problem that you face in the washroom. If you are using a traditional toilet then this is regular trouble for you. It occurs every now and then and is totally irritating.

Also, it can prove fatal if the user of the toilet with a sliding seat is a child.

So, to help you out with this problem, we have come with the solution to stop your toilet seat from sliding sideways.

Why Does the Toilet Seat Slide?

How to Stop Toilet Seat Sliding Sideways
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A toilet seat is attached to the toilet bowl with the help of some nuts and bolts. After using the toilet for a few days these nuts and bolts get loose eventually. And the toilet seat starts to slide sideways.

Actually, the holes are quite oversized than the bolts used for attaching it. The manufacturers do this thing purposely so that bolts do not make any cracks in the porcelain. And that is why the seat of the toilet slides.

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Tools You Need to Fix your Sliding Toilet Seat

In order to fix a sliding toilet seat, you need some basic tools.

  • A screwdriver with flat-head
  • A soap or some alcohol
  • Adjustable pliers
  • 2 adhesive washers

If your bolts are old enough and corroded, you need the same sized bolts as well.

If you have don’t have all of them in your home, don’t worry you can get those at any hardware store.

How to Fix Your Sliding Toilet Seat?

Fix Sliding Toilet Seat
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So, if you are ready with all the tools required, follow the steps below:

Step 1: First, you need to inspect the toilet seat. The toilet seat should be dry when you are doing it. Lower the toilet seat and locate the screw covers at the back of the toilet seat. Use your flat-head screwdriver to open them and expose the screw heads.

Step 2: Now it is time to unscrew the bolts. You need to put the flat-head screwdriver to screw-slot to unscrew the bolts. The plastic bolts will come out easily even if you use your hand. But it is not so easy with metal bolts. If it is too tight to unscrew the metal bolt with the screwdriver you can use adjustable pliers to do so.

Step 3: Take out the nuts and the bolts. And after that take out the toilet seat as well.
It is good to clean the ceramic in this phase. Use soap water to clean up the surface. Or you can use some alcohol for this purpose.

Step 4: Now, replace the seat in the exact place. Insert screws in the screw slots. Add the adhesive washers in the slots over the screw. Slide them to the end of each bolt so that there is no gap between the seat and the bowl.

Step 5: Tighten the nuts by using your hand. You can use adjustable pliers if it is made of metal. The nut will push the adhesive washers into the holes. As a result, the seat will stop sleeping sideways.

If you can do it by yourself it’s appreciated, but if you can’t do it I will suggest you get help from an experienced plumber.

Additional Tips for You:

  • Always use a good quality adhesive washer for your plumbing issues. You will find them in nearby plumbing stores.
  • Do not overtighten the metal bolts because they can forge cracks on the porcelain. It will cause great harm to the toilet.
  • If the metal bolts are corroded, replace them with new bolts.
  • It is good to secure the bolts with an adhesive washer.
  • You can use a rubber washer instead of an adhesive one.


I hope you can easily fix your sliding toilet seat with the easy steps mentioned above. If there are still sliding issues after fixing the bolt with wasters, maybe there is a problem with your toilet seat. Then go for a new toilet seat manufactured by the same company as the toilet. Don’t forget to check if it fits with your toilet.

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